Needed total ductwork removal

My mom has been working in home reconstruction, ever since I was a little girl.  I think she was one of the original home flippers, and every home was redone with her own two hands.  She had some specialists who would come in and do the heavy duty work, but the ripping and tearing out of walls, floors and ceilings, was hers to do.  When I bought an old fixer upper, I wanted to rip out all of the old ductwork. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go with a traditional heating and cooling system or if I wanted to purchase mini-split HVAC units for the house.  I didn’t know that this old ductwork had to go. The old ductwork had nests in it and there was so much dirt and even mud clogging it, that it was rusting. Mom and I got to work and put the sledgehammers to the walls and the ceilings.  We ripped out every bit of ductwork that was there. We then hauled it out to the dumpster and began to work on the walls. By this time, she and I had decided, that since mine was a very small house, it would be smarter to go with the mini split HVAC.  Together we put up the sheetrock and painted all of the walls and then we started to get rid to install the mini split unit. All we had to do was to put a small hole in the outer walls. We wove the conduit through the hole and attach the mini split. Together, we were able to redo my home.