Southern a/c needs

I used to live up north, and I loved going to the hockey games.  My buddies and I would get together, wear our favorite team jerseys and head off to the hockey rink.  A lot of our hockey games were outside. There was a small lake that was marked off and it was used for the hockey game.  It was convenient and we didn’t need to have those huge air conditioners that are used to freeze ice on the indoor hockey rink.  I got a scholarship to a college in the south. It is really cool to be living in the south, but I still want to play and go to hockey games.  I found out that they have a hockey rink not too far from the school. A couple of my new friends and I are going to head out there over the weekend, to see a local team playing.  We are all from the north and we are wondering how we should dress for the hockey game. I know that it is going to take a lot of Air conditioning to get the rink frozen and to stay frozen.  We are wondering if the entire building will need to be air conditioned to the point where it will be freezing inside. It is still in the sixties here, and we are still walking around in our t-shirts, while some of the others are in sweatshirts and hats.  I think we will show up as is and endure the super air conditioning skating rink. We are northerners and we learn to endure the cold, at least for two hours.

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