When lightning strikes.

A couple of years ago, we had a real bad lightning storm.  The lightning was coming at least once a second and it was really vivid.  We could hear a loud crack and then the house went dark. Dad was sure we had been hit with lightning and he went outside, in the pouring down rain to see if the house was on fire.  It had hit the small tree that was up against the house, but other than some smoke, it was raining too hard to allow it to catch fire. We spent another hour in the dark and then we all went to bed early.  It’s a good thing none of us were afraid of the dark. In the morning dad went around and checked the lights. He didn’t think much about the house until he went outside. The air outside was humid and hot, but inside it was really cool.  For some reason, the air conditioning was still running. We had just slept through the night, comfortable with the familiar sounds of the air conditioning, but no one had wondered why the AC was still working. Dad did some quick diagnostics and he thought everything else should be working.  All of the breakers looked good. He pulled out a light bulb and he began to laugh. The light bulb was broken. Every light bulb in the house had been blown because of the power surge when the lightning struck. We sat in darkness, not realizing what had actually happened, even though we had AC to keep us comfortable.

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