Some tips for your summer cleaning

I got a job for the summer cleaning rental units, and yes, it was as awful as it sounds. That is what happens though when you wait until the last minute to look for a job to begin with.  Part of that wasn’t because I was lazy, it was because I had to finish up summer school before I could start working. I missed so much this summer, including family trips and hanging with friends just because of that. Anyway, my job is anything but glamorous for sure. we go from rental home to rental home on the beach cleaning up after  people who have stayed there on vacation. We have to literally clean the place from top to bottom including the air vents for the HVAC systems. We have to replace the air filters and make sure there is no evidence of the previous tenants. Cleaning the HVAC vents was the absolute worst part of the job! People crank the air conditioning the entire time they are staying in the units and this leaves the filters and such disgusting. You could tell when you walked in the place who had broken the non-smoking or no-pet rules. Once you opened up the filters it was obvious. So, not only was the smell horrible, we had to stop and take photos for the owners so they could charge the guests for the cleaning. Some houses took a lot longer than others did, for those we ended up getting compensated well. At least the owners understood that some occupants were worse than others. They valued us for doing the worst job ever.  If we did a good job, we would get a nice tip when we were completely done. I will tell you this, I sure think differently about my own HVAC system now that I have seen what builds up in the system if it is not maintained.