What to do with the HVAC ducts

For the last year, I have done nothing but suffer with allergies.  I finally went to the doctor and he asked me about my HVAC system. He wanted to know when was the last time I had the HVAC cleaned or the ductwork cleaned.  I didn’t know what he was talking about when he said about cleaning the ductwork. I didn’t know what ductwork was. I came from a huge farming community. We didn’t have a lot of money, and we heated our home with a fireplace.  Every year, my brothers and I went out and gathered wood that had fallen off the trees. We would take it home and cut it up, then my mom and dad used the wood as fuel for the fireplace. There was no ductwork and to heat the entire house, we kept the doors open.  Now, in the new house, I lose my heating by keeping the doors open. There are thermostats in all of the room, and the thermostat helps to heat each room to their own preference. If no one is using that room, the thermostat is set low and the door is shut to conserve energy.  Now with the allergies, I am having a different learning lesson. Ductwork is how the heating is carried to each room. The ductwork needs to have the dust and dirt removed in order to supply sufficient airflow and to keep the dust out of the house. Once the HvAC company cleaned the ductwork, my allergy problem dissipated.  Having ductwork and a real HVAC system, has pushed me into a whole new world.

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