Special hotel and great a/c

Every year, my wife and I try to make special family vacation plans for our kids and ourselves.  We save all winter long, so we can take them somewhere super special. This year, they want to go to a theme park.  They have been watching this one feature being built, and they had been dreaming of this vacation. It was going to be expensive to stay in one of the resorts, but we were going to try.  As luck comes, we received an email about a resort hotel that was opening during the week we were arriving at our destination. We were able to book a two bedroom suite, with kitchen, in the resort, for only $99 a night.  We were also offered park tickets at almost half the cost for a four day pass. When we got to the resort, we were surprised at how beautiful it. Both bedrooms had their own television sets. There was a large screen TV in the sitting area.  We had separate bathrooms. The resort boasted central HVAC and each room in our suite had its own thermostat. We were thrilled with this because when I slept, I liked it to be cooler in the room. I was able to set my thermostat to a cool setting and my wife had the best night of sleep in a long time.  Our little guys had their thermostat set at a much higher temp and other than the television on all night, they had a great time. If we could have, I may have stayed in the suite the entire time we were vacationing, just to enjoy the HVAC system.

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