the gross smell with the a/c filter

When I got my new air filters, I changed out the old air filter.  The old air filter was nearly clogged by the time my new ones arrived.  I automatically threw the old air filter into recycling, like I had been doing for years.  That was when I found out that the recycling company had a change in command. I had the air filters in the recycling, along with all of the debris from a party we had.  Our cardboard and paper was overflowing, and our recycling pickup didn’t happen. Three days later, the recycling bins were to the point where everything was on the ground, and the wind was blowing.  I called about my pickup and I was told there was a new driver. He didn’t know we were on his route, but he would be there on Tuesday. That was three days away, so I dug out my old burn barrel. I had to get rid of some of the cardboard before it became a legal issue.  I threw the paper and cardboard into the incinerator and I set fire. Within a couple of minutes the fire had settled down to a small roar, and I tossed in the air filter. I didn’t expect near immediate disintegration. I know there was a lot of dust and pet hair on that air filter, but I didn’t realize that it was so flammable.  It took less than a minute and the air filter was gone. This had me thinking about my furnace and air conditioning. What would happen if there was a spark within one of them. The air filter would catch fire quicker than dry timber. I could lose my home and possibly my life. Doesn’t anyone have non-flammable air filters for sale?

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