Summer wedding is uncharacteristically cold

When we chose to get married in the summer outdoors, my fiance and I assumed that the weather would be nice and warm. So, apparently, did our guests. But, as the big day arrived, it became more and more clear that this would not be the case. The temperature was predicted to be in the low 50s in the middle of July. There was nothing to do but go ahead as planned. My fiance hastily purchases a shawl that went with her dress. I decided I would be warm enough in my tuxedo. Guests arrived in coats that did not match their summer attire or they just hugged themselves to stay warm. The venue put up some outdoor space heaters but they didn’t seem to help much. I think everyone was happy when the ceremony moved indoor for the reception. The reception hall had the heater blasting for us and we were all so grateful. Normally, people talk of how beautiful the bride is. My bride was stunning but everyone was talking about the unusual weather instead. My bride took it all in stride and didn’t take it personally. We both laughed and thawed out near the big heater vents. At least everyone will remember our wedding because it was so unusually cold. As an added bonus, no one seemed in a hurry to leave the reception because they didn’t want to leave the warmth of the heater. I can’t say that I blame them but I was finally able to convince the misses to leave with me. Hopefully the hotel room is also nice and warm for us.