The air inside of my home

When I first moved out to this unique section of the country, I was absolutely stunned by how charming it was! Though it gets quite chilly at times, I find it’s still absolutely worth all the trouble of moving here. There are particular ways that I can combat the frosty environment as well, like wearing a heavy jacket and thick pants to make sure that I stay warm. The colder weeks of January and February really test my ability to keep myself warm. I also make sure I keep up with my heating and a/c maintenance, since having the system up to par will save me from nightmares down the road. When I found out how important it was to keep up with their regular maintenance, I made sure that I signed up for a hard schedule for service appointment that would allow me to have a service tech tune up my heating and air conditioning equipment. So far it’s paid off at least double what I’ve put in, as I was able to get a head start on a faulty circuit inside of my furnace. I’d have hated to had to make a call because my entire furnace went out on me, especially while I was in one of the colder nights of Winter. Especially with how much it snows, it could have been days or even weeks for them to make their way out to my house. I also make sure I keep up with changing my air filter often, as that keeps it running efficiently and reduces the amount of dirt and debris blown in by the air units. While it’s more work, I like it out here and I’d never go back to my home state. It’s perfect here!

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