The electrical system in here

I was in heaven when my husband and I decided to buy our own home.  All of a sudden I was able to go into all of the houses that I had been admiring.  It felt a little bit voyeuristic because most of the homes were lived in, and the beds weren’t always made, or there were dishes in the sink.  It was almost like I was floating into their lives and watching as they lived. I almost imagined standing in the bathroom and watching as they brushed their teeth.  My favorite thing about the house walk-throughs was when I got to look at the HVAC system in the basement. We spent half of our time in the basement, just checking out all of the electrical and the HVAC.  Coming from a family of HVAC technician, I knew just about all there was to know. I can even work on a furnace or air conditioning unit if my dad needs added help with his business. I am certified and so is my husband.  Our realtor is a bit upset with us for spending so much time with the furnace or the AC. She seems to think that we should be looking at the kitchen and the bedrooms, but we seem to think that the furnace and air conditioning tells us more about how well the house has been kept.  We check it to see if it has regular maintenance. One time my husband pulled the air filter to see if it was cleaned. It’s funny how much you can tell about a house and a person, by looking into their HVAC system.

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