The wheels on the bus

I feel so bad for all of my children that have to take the schoolbus to class every morning. The local school that they go to is very tight with their budget, and it is becoming a big problem. All of the school buses that the school owns no longer have any working heating or cooling units. They are also so rusty and loud driving down the road, but that is the least of their worries. It has been pretty miserable for our kids to hop on that bus every day and get to school covered with sweat before their day has even started. It is now getting closer to winter, and since there are no heating units on this bus, my husband and I are worried. That’s when my husband had his genius and selfish idea. My husband is a former HVAC service repair man, so he knows a thing or two about fixing up old heating and cooling systems. He went to the school board and proposed to fix all five of the school buses and get their heating and cooling units flowing effectively once more. Since the school is very broke and can’t afford to pay him what he would usually make, he is willing to do the tough job for half of his average pay! This way when the winter snow and frost comes, our kids will be warm and comfortable on their way to school instead of freezing to death like they would have if my husband did nothing. I think that the school board owes my husband a big thank you!