The zone control HVAC

My boyfriend and I moved into town about 6 weeks ago… We just bought a house, and have begun the awful remodeling process. We had been living in a hotel for many weeks. My boyfriend and I wanted to find the perfect house, before the two of us bought anything! Still, it was tough to live in such a small space like a hotel. We often argued about the temperature conditions in the room, because my boyfriend and I have different body levels, i don’t mind if the indoor temperatures are a bit warm, however he gets angry quick if the temperature is above 78 degrees. Before the two of us had decided to be moved, the two of us settled this problem with Heating plus Air Conditioning Zone control. Our old home had 2 separate Heating plus Air Conditioning zones. If my boyfriend was feeling recognizably overheated, he could easily go and hide to a different Heating plus Air Conditioning Zone, this Zone had its own thermostat, so he could change the temperature to something more comfortable. We wanted to find another home with Heating plus Air Conditioning Zone control, unfortunately, we have spent several weeks looking and have not found anything. My boyfriend and I finally decided to buy a fixer-upper, and remodel the entire house because it would be best. When the two of us concentrate on the interior, we both are going to set up a brand new Heating plus Air Conditioning Zone control system. It’s going to take a lot of tough work, almost like a  job and energy, however the two of us should have the home completed before the holidays.

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