They are all looking foolish

Do you use a public gym or do you have a gym in your home.  I know that I used to go to the local gym, but that was a long time ago.  Over the last couple of years, I have not done justice to my body. To go to the gym now, would make me feel self-conscious, so I can’t go back there.  That probably sounds really bad, because the gym is to get back in shape and not just stay in shape. I have let myself go so badly that I would be embarrassed if anyone knew me from back then.  I have a home office in my home, and I started shifting all of the furniture. I was determined to turn my office into a gym. I made a really dumb mistake when I put the treadmill right beneath the air vent.  Now, I have air conditioning blowing right in my face, whenever I get on the treadmill. It isn’t like the air conditioning can stop me from working up a sweat. The opposite is true because I push myself harder in order to work up a sweat and help me lose weight.  I use to think that you had to work up a good sweat in order to lose weight, but I may be wrong. Even though I have a difficult time getting sweaty, I have still managed to lose weight. Next week, I will be starting my cross fit training. I am going to move the treadmill and put my weight bench directly beneath the air conditioning air vents.  I’m finding that it is easier to complete a workout when you have the AC blowing directly on you.

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