This will do just fine

My favorite type of exercise is walking.  I try to get out several times a week. During the Spring and Fall, finding places to walk is easy.  There is a small park right next to our home, and I can get out anytime of day, and there is a nature hike that I follow.  I am never alone in my walking, because there are a lot of older people in my area. I know that even if it is a little warm, I can always go home and enjoy the air conditioning.  When the weather gets too hot, cold, or is inclement, I can always go to the mall. I tried buying a membership to a local gym. I thought that being inside where there was HVAC would be good for me, and I could always use the treadmill.  The HVAC was nice, but looking at the same thing for an hour was pretty boring, and it was really expensive. I knew a lot of people who walked in the mall, and that also had HVAC, so I thought I would try that out. Unfortunately, eventually the mall opens.  I found that I was spending quite a bit of money in the stores, once I was done walking. It would not have been so bad if I had been able to get a drink and call it quits, but no, I had to do some shopping. There was always some kind of sale going on. Then a friend told me about going to the local museum.  I knew the HVAC would be perfect in the museum. I could see a lot of cool things, and because of the need to preserve all of the artifacts, the heating and air conditioning would always be perfectly monitored.

HVAC maintenance