This is a small apartment

I have been teaching in pre-universities for 20 plus years now! I love our work. Teaching young children is truly an honor. But there are most truly taxing situations to deal with, then one time, there was a student that thought it would be a funny prank to change the university’s thermostat to 90 degrees. It got so sizzling in the building that both of us had to evacuate the children outside. None of the faculty could figure out why it got so sizzling all of a sudden. The AC thermostat is normally set to 68 degrees to keep the university at a cool temperature! Finally both of us checked the thermostat and saw that the heat was on. When this student changed the setting, he didn’t realize that it would overload the HVAC system and the whole AC device would conk out. That’s exactly what happened. So now, the whole university building was out of air conditioning. The two of us had to hire an outside HVAC serviceman to come repair it. He told us that the thermostat needed to be replaced, which made sense. It was an outdated building and an outdated system. He said that our HVAC device was really outdated and would soon need to be replaced as well, but that it would last us until the summer time time. It would be easier to do that repair when the children were out of university on summer time holiday. After having to send the children lake apartment for the day, both of us finally restored the air conditioning in the building. The next day both of us were on the search for the culprit of this evil plot, who ended up getting suspended for a week.

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