This is tough to deal with

As a kid I was super into physical fitness. Now I am way more into “fittin this” pizza into our mouth, you know exactly what I mean? Back in the day I was a long distance runner, long and lean as if I’m a gazelle, able to go miles at a time. These afternoons I drive down to the very end of our driveway to check the mail. In other words, I mean that I spend our entire childhood in fantastic shape, and I am spending our whole adulthood as a not so fantastic shape — amorphous blob shape! That certainly had to change, which is why I decided to put a lake condo gym straight into our garage. There would be no intense workouts, though, until I had installed an Heating & A/C system in there, too. I know our limits, I know what it is that our body is capable of, and I knew that without a cooling system of some kind I really would just sweat and die right there on the garage floor. Seriously, when if I think about it, you are so out of shape, savor I am, just “hitting it hard” can be especially dangerous for your body, and having a climate control system can honestly help you to stay healthy while you get in shape. An AC system these days will not only cool you off, but circulate the air to keep the indoor air pollen levels incredibly high, you need superior air quality to help you keep breathing really while you dedicatedly labor out your muscles. My lake condo gym may not be much, just a little yoga mat and a weight bench, but since I have a fantastically air conditioned system, it is all the lake condo gym I will need.

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