This repair went well

 Sometimes hospitals may be described as a necessary evil. Sure they provide a vital repair and several of us would not even be alive, were there no hospitals or available health care services,. Doctors, nurses and dentists deserve our gratitude and respect for the wonderful task they do. Still, I have often wondered why hospitals serve such awful food, are so smelly and most important, are so very cold.

             Everybody knows hospitals need to maintain low temperatures for medical reasons, but how do freezing temperatures sustain health? I don’t get it! Going to a hospital often requires as much preparation as making a visit to the Alaska. I am well aware that it is mandatory for a hospital’s vast Heating and A/C method be sufficiently tested at all times. There is usually a team of Heating and A/C specialists assigned to each hospitals to ensure this. While a whole community may be without power and the use of temperature control devices, not so the hospital. It has a backup Heating and A/C supply method which can handle anything. All of that is just wonderful but I still believe hospitals are unnecessarily cold. After all, comfort should be as necessary to recuperation as is the right medication… But who can be comfortable in a freezer?

                I once heard a corny joke about doctors now working to send business to pharmacies, and pharmacists doing the same to send work to undertakers! The last time I visited a hospital, a very inappropriate thought crossed my mind: Could the hospital’s medical and Heating and A/C workers be working to send business to the pathologist in the morgue?

                 Unthinkable! Still….

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