Where is that noise coming from?

My friend in crime Shane as well as myself work together in a Giant superstore. Shane as well as myself are the low guys that happened to be at the base of the work totem pole. Whenever there is a job of disgusting taste, one of us will be called to care for it. If a person vomits, all of us have to work on scrub duty. If a customer needs assistance with heavy items, Shane as well as myself can easily help with that job also. One terrible job is cleaning the men’s powder rooms. There are frequent issues with the toilets overflowing as well as leaking. A few weeks ago, Shane as well as myself were called in to clean up a disgusting mess inside of the men’s room. Shane as well as myself spent many hours cleaning the water. And over filling toilet cause multiple issues, as well as Shane as well as myself were doing our best to mop everything up. Afterwards, we were forced to wipe everything with bleach water. After Shane as well as myself finished making the cleanup, the store decided to contact a plumbing company. I would have preferred they contact the plumbing company before Shane as well as myself had to clean up the toilet problems. My buddy Shane is convinced that they must charge less if the mess is already cleaned up. If the plumber just has to fix the toilet, maybe they don’t charge as much as if they have to clean up a terrible brown Water mess as well.

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