Updating it with a boiler

I currently have an old natural gas gas furnace that I am not happy with.  Because of the extremely frosty and long Winter seasons where I live, I rely on the heating plan for half the year.  The gas furnace is not energy efficient and seems to run regularly. Despite setting the temperature control as low as possible, I spend a fortune on daily energy costs.  Every time the gas furnace starts up, it rattles and screeches, then blows a tremendous amount of dust from the vents. I continually need to vacuum and dust, and there’s often an oily motion picture on the windows from the gas.  The heated air blows from the supply vents and then rises straight up to the ceiling. There is severe temperature stratification, which leads to discomfort. Plus, I suppose the ductwork is leaking because some rooms are regularly warmer than others.  Eventually, I will need to update the gas furnace with a brand new, more efficient system. I am sad about safety problems and health risks from contaminated indoor air pollen levels. I wish I could afford to tear the whole gas furnace and ductwork completely out and switch to a boiler.  Boiler heating is far superior to a forced air system. A boiler uses water to transactivity heat energy. Water heats up more abruptly and retains heat longer, making a hydronic plan far more energy efficient. Plus, this type of plan is totally silent, doesn’t add any contaminants into the air, and maintains a entirely  even temperature. It is also straightforward to set up a boiler for zone control, allowing personalized temperature settings in each room. There’s no need to heat empty rooms, and the temperature can be adjusted to meet various requirements.

hot water boiler