We need to paint a porch

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day.  It was the first sunny day that we have had in over a month.  It is about time that the sun comes out and dries up the ground a bit.  We have been try to paint our porch for three months now. Every time he pulls out the paint, it rains again.  It takes three days to dry off the porch and we haven’t even had a full day without rain. I even brought out the portable air conditioner and tried to dry some spots so he could paint, but I didn’t want the electric air conditioner to be out there when it was deluging.  We were getting so desperate that I then brought out the portable heaters, but we had the same problem when it came to electricity. We sat in the house, feeling the wet and humidity invade our comfort. The dampness was so bad that even our dehumidification system couldn’t take care of the problem.  We were lucky though, because we were up on the mountain and we didn’t have to worry about the mold that some people were dealing with due to all of the flash flooding. So, yesterday it was sunny and warm. Today it is sunny and warm and tomorrow, although they say there could be some clouds, it is supposed to be mostly sunny and warm.  I’m thinking we may get some painting done. I’m actually thinking the weatherman are going crazy. I see the sun, but I also hear the thunder rumbling. It’s getting ready to rain again.