Zoo had cooling zones

It is hard to keep the keeps happy during the summer vacation so my friends and I were planning several activities that we could all do together.  We planned pool parties, trips to the amusement park, and we also planned a trip to the train museum where we could ride a real train, and even have lunch.  We were so excited, because we even had a trip planned, to the zoo. This was going to be the first trip, because the zoo was a bit further south and it was completely black topped.  We wanted to make sure that it was mild yet when we went. The day of the zoo trip dawned bright and sunny, and it was the first day our temperatures were climbing into the nineties. We wanted to change the plans and opt for the pool, but the kids were excited.  We mother’s, didn’t want to get out of the air conditioned cars when we got there, but the kids were anxious. I was glad for all of the exhibits that were in air conditioned buildings because we could get out of the heat and humidity. We even ate inside a restaurant so we could feel some air conditioning.  By mid afternoon, our kids were beginning to tire, and we didn’t need to be asked twice to take them home. Once we got into the cars and had the air conditioning running, we were happy again. It was so nice when they finally all fell asleep and all I heard was the sound of the AC, and I could finally feel comfortable.

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